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yet another Jen
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Overly involved in 'shipping TV relationships since 1993

Tony and Pepper are modern love.

Sookie and Eric are immortal love.

Guy and Marian are deadly love.

Spike and Buffy are epic love.

Doctor and Rose are eternal love.

amor vincit omnia, ancient rome, arrow, arthurian legends, avengers, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, bbc, bbc america, bbc sherlock, big damn heroes, bond/vesper, books, brian michael bendis, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, burn notice, cap, captain tightpants, castle, celebrity gossip, charlaine harris, chuck bass, chuck/blair, comic books, cooking, costume dramas, cuppycakes, diet coke, doctor who, dollhouse, dorothy dunnett, dorothy sayers, dragon*con, elementary, exterminate!, fables, fairy tales, fanfiction, fantasy novels, firefly, food porn, fray, fringe, game of thrones, george r. r. martin, graphic novels, guy of gisborne, guy/marian, harriet vane, hashimoto's disease, her-pure-heart-will-cleanse-mine, historical fiction, i want to believe, i-can-kill-you-with-my-brain, iron man, jane austen, joss whedon, judaism, lindsey davis, lois mcmaster bujold, lord peter wimsey, lymond/phillipa, mah jongg, miles vorkosigan, mind-reading ass-kicking girl genius, mulder/scully, muppets, my-sister's-a-ship-we-had-a-complicated-childhood, mythology, nine/rose, no-power-in-the-'verse-can-stop-me, olicity, oliver queen, optimism, paleo diet, paranormal romance, parenting, pepper potts/tony stark, pepperony, powers, reading, reform judaism, richard armitage, robin hood, robin mckinley, serenity, sherlock holmes, sonic screwdriver, southern vampire series, spike/buffy, star trek, talmud, tardis, the special hell, thor, thyroid disorders, torah, true blood, tudor england, vampires, white collar, wimsey/vane, winter is coming, writing, x-files, you-can't-take-the-sky-from-me


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